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The Pancasila

What is Pancasila? Pancasila [pronounced pan-cha-see-laa] is the Indonesian state’s philosophy. It is from two old classical words [Sanskrit]: ‘panca’, which is the word for number five and ‘sila’, which means principle. At the end of World War II, the Indonesian independence movement’s leaders faced with problem of a heterogen population. Not only has different […]

A 1978 Article about Foreign Investment in Indonesia published in Malayan Law Review

Policy on Foreign Investment in Indonesia By Amien Warsita Basic Policy on Foreign Investment Economic development is a process of transferring potential economic resources into real economic strength through capital investment and utilization of technology, the expansion of knowledge and efficiency, and the improvement of organizational and managerial ability. The efforts to develop the economic […]

An Early Article on Foreign Investment in Indonesia published in Quadrant Edition Sept-Oct 1969

Foreign Private Investment in a Developing Nation: An Indonesian Perspectivei By Dr. Soedjatmoko Dr. Soedjatmoko, who is presently Indonesia’s Ambassador to the United States, has served his government ever since 1945 – with a brief respite during the last years of Guided Democracy. The recurrent theme of his published writings – mostly short, concentrated essays […]

Menyoroti Power Presiden sehubungan dengan Penanaman Modal Asing

Oleh: Dr Sony Rospita Simanjuntak Pengamat Hukum Pertambangan Indonesia & Peneliti pada Konsultan Hukum Allens Arthur Robinson, Melbourne, Australia Walaupun telah berulangkali pemerintah pusat berusaha meyakinkan daerah bahwa penerbitan Keputusan Presiden Nomor 29 Tahun 2004 dan Keputusan Presiden Nomor 28 Tahun 2004 baru-baru ini adalah semata-mata berupa pemberian sebuah power kepada Badan Kordinasi Penanaman Modal […]