Catalog 46 (Australia Only)

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Top: Green Blouse-Motif: Floral Chiffon-Style: Batwing Tangan Gelang #454
Dress: Dark Brown-Motif: Paisley-Style: Sabrina #455
Dress: RedNYellow-Motif: Floral Chiffon-Style: Sabrina #456
Dress: Black-Motif: Combo Sateen & Batik Tulis Wayang-Style: Sabrina with Lace Trims and Beaded Neck #457
Dress: Melon-Motif: Combo Plain with Batik Katun Paris Lembah Sulur-Style: Sabrina #458
Dress: Yellow-Motif: Plain Yellow with Batik Tulis Ledakan Kupu-Style: Sabrina #459
Dress: Yellow-Motif: Combo Plain Yellow and Batik Tulis Asli Parang Klopo-Style: Sabrina #460
Dress: Red-Motif: Combo Red Cerutty & Batik Plankan Katun Paris Kuda Laut-Style: Sabrina #461
Dress: Tosca-Motif: Combo Plain Tosca & Batik Plankan Katun Paris Laseman-Style: Sabrina #462
Dress: Gold-Motif: Batik Black Cotton Sulur Api-Style: Sabrina #463