Catalog 41 (Australia Only)

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Top: Orange Blouse-Motif: Plain Velvet-Style: Batwing with Full Black Lace #413
Top: Emerald Blouse-Motif: Combo Sateen and Cornelly Lace-Style: Babydoll #414 (N/A)
Top: Brown Blouse-Motif: Combo Sateen and Lurik-Style: Kebaya Kartini #415
Top: Pink Blouse-Motif: Combo Cerutty and Fur Chiffon-Style: Kebaya Kartini #416 (N/A)
Top: Jet Black Blouse-Motif: Combo Sateen and Brasso-Style: Kebaya Kartini with Appliques #417 (N/A)
Top: Navy Blouse-Motif: Rubiah-Style: Batwing with Lace Trims #418
Top: Gold Blouse-Motif: Batik Monochromatic with Prada-Style: Batwing #419
Top: Lavender Blouse-Motif: Nagita Lace-Style: Shanghai Colar with Wing Sleeves and Lace Trims #420