Catalog 16 (Australia Only)

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Dress-Lily-Pink Indian Organdy with Lace Trims and Handcraft Brooch. Bust up to 145cm #232 (N/A)
Dress-Comb Batik with Wayang Motif and Black Sateen. Details in Beaded Neck and Lace Trims #233 (N/A)
Dress-Comb Grey Wayang Batik & Black Sateen with details in the neck and lace trims #234
Dress-Dian-White Thick Linnen-Beaded #235 (N/A)
Set Batik “Wiron” Preated Skirt & Tosca ‘Encim’ Kebaya #236 (N/A)
Set-‘Sulaman’s Skirt & Gold “Sulaman” Top with Lace Trims #237 (N/A)
Top-Batik-Cotton from Solo #238 (N/A)
Top-Batik-Cotton from Solo #239 (N/A)
Dress-Blue Chiffon with Sabrina Neck #240 (N/A)
Set-‘Sulaman’ Skirt & Green Top with Batik Appliques and Lace Trim plus Handcraft Brooch-Button #241 (N/A)