Catalog 13 (Australia Only)

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Top-Kartini Kebaya-Maroon Sateen, Lace Trims and Handcraft Brooch Button #210 (N/A)
Top-Kartini Kebaya-Kirmizi Chiffon, Handcraft Brooch Button #211
Blouse-Kartini Kebaya-Red Premium Cerutty, Lace Trims and Handcraft brooch-button #212
Dress-Batik Laseman-All Size-Paris Cotton (Soft)-Red Lace Trims and Handcraft Brooch #213 (N/A)
Bolero-Cream Cornelly Lace-Orange Lace Trims-Beaded-Handcraft Brooch-Button#214
Bolero-Red Nagita Lace, Shanghai Neck – the Back is longer than the Front with Handcraft brooch-button #215 (N/A)
Top-Kartini Kebaya-Grey Nagita Lace with Light Blue Lace Trims, Handcraft Brooch-Button #216 (N/A)
Top-Light Blue Nagita Lace with Shanghai Neck, Unique Sleeves, Small Size, Handcraft Brooch-Button #217
Top-Silver Cornelly Lace, Batwing Sleeves with Handcraft Brooch #218 (N/A)
Top-Kartini Kebaya-Green Moss Cornelly Lace-Handcraft Brooch-Button. Bust 120 cm #219 (N/A)