Catalog 1 (Australia only)

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Long dress-Combination of Plain Black N Batik Prada Satin with accents of laces, appliques and handcraft beads #101 (N/A)
Blouse-Cape-White with full laces, appliques of Batik Tulis and handcraft beaded button #102 (N/A) & Skirt-Solid Satin #103 (N/A)
Bolero/Poncho-Paris Cotton-Batik Plankan-Laced #104 (N/A) & Skirt-Solid Satin #105 (N/A)
Blouse-Round Batwing-Maxmara Satin with Ragi Hidup Ulos’ Motif-beaded #106 (N/A)
Set-Layered Pants with Batik Appliques & Blouse-with Batik Appliques, Laces and Handcraft beaded button#107 (N/A)
Long dress-Quality Satin-Batik Appliques, Laces and Handcraft beaded button #108